Professional Information.

Research. I began graduate work in philosophy at Harvard University in fall 2018, after completing my BA in philosophy and BS in neuroscience at Saint Louis University. My current research investigates various relations between emotion, oppression, and emancipation, followed in two rough tracks. The first, contained in my dissertation work, concerns how we might retain the emancipatory potential of emotions in spite of common hermeneutic, epistemic, and practical problems which arise in our first-personal experience with them. Often we don’t know what emotions we’re feeling, what they’re telling us, and what to do with them. If that’s all true, then how can it be that our emotions can be essential tools of the emancipatory struggle as many radical political & feminist thinkers contend? My positive suggestion recommends that a serious (re)turn to consciousness-raising can make great headway on resolving these problems. The second, contained across several working papers, investigates how various forms of oppression can warp our emotional lives in ways that produce oppression’s emotional manifestation and exacerbate the difficulty of overcoming it. Centrally to both tracks of research, I argue that our emotions are actively constructed sites of our mind capable of not just reflecting, but importantly enacting projects of oppression and emancipation. Ultimately, my hope is that this work is recognitional of the heavy toll oppression takes on our emotional/mental lives and practical in equipping us with a deeper and sharper understanding of our emotions such that we might better leverage their power in our fight for a freer, more flourishing world.

Methodologically, within philosophy, my work draws across domains of philosophy of emotion, philosophy of mind, social epistemology, Marxism, and feminist philosophy; and more broadly, I aim to incorporate as much insight as possible from cognitive science, psychology, literature/film, radical political theory, and on-the-ground politics & organizing as I can within it. I am incredibly grateful to have Susanna Siegel as my main advisor and mentor throughout graduate school.

Teaching. I began teaching in fall 2020, and have since taught as a Teaching Fellow (TF) for three courses in the philosophy department — Existentialism in Literature and Film w/ Prof. Sean Kelly, Happiness w/ Prof. Susanna Rinard, and Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason w/ Prof. Samantha Matherne. In the spring of 2022, I will serve as a TF for Philosophy of Mind w/ Prof. Cheryl Chen. I additionally have three years of experience as a Writing Consultant at Saint Louis University Writing Services.

Service. I am currently a co-chair of the Contract Enforcement and Education Committee & proud rank-and-filer of the Harvard Graduate Student Union (HGSU-UAW Local 5118). From 2019-2020, I served as the philosophy department steward for our union. Within the department, I helped restart our department’s MAP (Minorities and Philosophy) chapter and served as an Organizational Committee member for 3 years, alongside other climate and social initiatives.

For woefully out of date information in pdf form, please see my CV (I promise to update this soon!):