& welcome! My name is Denish and I’m a PhD student in philosophy at Harvard University. My current research centers around the philosophy of emotion, and specifically traces various relations that exist between our emotions, oppression, and emancipation. More broadly, I’m interested in social & feminist epistemology, irrationality & arationality (what it is, what makes it happen & what functions it might serve), scattered topics in metaphysics/philosophy of mind (identity? mental states? idealism?), and when our minds and brains work abnormally. The world is a beautifully messy place and I find philosophy to be one of the best ways to engage with it in earnest.

But beyond these philosophical interests, I’m a big fan of political discourse + activism + organizing with my union, HGSU-UAW Local 5118. also classical music, literature, movies, and people. Please come talk to me about any of this, as I am bored!

Subsequent pages include links to my CV, a blog that will hopefully be updated with some frequency, errata that I (and maybe you!) find fun, and methods to contact me.