& welcome! My name is Denish and I’m a PhD candidate in philosophy at Harvard University. I work primarily within the philosophy of emotion, and specifically aim to trace various relations that exist between our emotions, oppression, and emancipation. More broadly, I’m interested in social & feminist epistemology, irrationality & arationality (what it is, what makes it happen & what functions it might serve), scattered topics in metaphysics/philosophy of mind (identity? mental states? idealism?), and when our minds and brains work abnormally. The world is a beautifully messy place and I find philosophy to be one of the best ways to engage with it in earnest.

Beyond these philosophical interests, I’m a big fan of political discourse + activism + organizing with my union, HGSU-UAW Local 5118. also classical music, literature, movies, and people. Always happy to chat with the like – or even just open – minded 🙂

Subsequent pages include links to my CV, a blog that will hopefully be updated with some frequency, errata that I (and maybe you!) find fun, and methods to contact me.